To CLAIM your free listing

you can click on the ‘Claim button’ on the listings page or on your dashboard page.

Simply select the List Name from the drop down choice and then select the Item Name from those available within the list.

You can ‘Manage’ your free listing before it is ‘Claimed’ using the ‘Manage Tab’ at the top of your dashboard page. This will allow you to edit/amend any of the details input.

When you have submit your selections your dashboard page will display the details of your choice showing that your claim is pending awaiting approval by the site administrators.

Approval can take up to 3 working days but is normally done within 24 hours.

Once your calim is approved you can the use the ‘Edit button’ or the ‘Manage tab’ to make any changes to your listing.

IOnce you have claimed your listing you will then be able to purchase a ‘Featured Listing’ for at least 1 month.

See the Pricing Page Here for more details of the benefits a Featured Listing gets you.

If your claim isn’t approved within 7 days please email to request reason –

You need to login to contact with the Listing Owner. Click Here to log in.