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The main listing page will show your:

  • Shop Front Image
  • Title / Business name
  • Subtitle / type of food (also input as tags)
  • Short Address / Locale / District
  • Phone Number
  • Delivery Service 1 / The delivery service that you use

Registered users can add these details to the site free of charge.



The main listing page can also show icons that link to:

  • Phone Number (Click to call on mobiles)
  • Link / A link to your menu on the Delivery Services’ site
  • Optional links to your Facebook page, Twitter page, Yelp page, LinkedIn page
  • Email address
  • Business Hours (optional)

Your ‘marker’ on the map will also show your full address and a link to your website.



If your business has already been included in the listings you can CLAIM your business’ listing for FREE.

This will allow you to purchase a period of time that your listing can be Featured at the top of the area list.

If your business has not been included – FInd out how to add your listing by visiting the page at the end of this link

If your business is already included – Find out how to claim your listing by visiting this link

Featured Listings

Each area’s listings will have a maximum of 8 ‘Featured Listings’ which will complete the top rows of the list of all businesses in the area.

A featured listing can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis by clicking on the appropriate ‘subscribe button’ below.

Featured Listing recurring for monthly periods – Just £5 – 


Featured Listing recurring for quarterly periods – Just £13 –


Featured Listing recurring for yearly periods – Just £45 –


Any subscription can be cancelled at any time by clicking the button below. Unsubscribe means that no further payments will be made and your listing will revert to ‘normal status’ at the end of the period, meaning no refunds are possible.


Each time an area’s list is loaded, the order of the business listings is random, apart from the businesses that have purchased a ‘Featured Listing’.  Having your listing Featured will also enable you to request our ‘Done For You’ online menu service at a discounted price. (See below for details)


Done For You Service

By opting for a featured listing for your business you are entitled to claim a big discount on our ‘Done For You’ service.

This is where you get a ‘custom built website’ that will allow you to accept online orders for local delivery and/or collection using a customer specified (but business controlled) time slot. You will receive orders via standard email message or, if preferred standard SMS text messaging (a little more expensive but much more reliable). You customers will also receive confirmation messages regarding the status of their order.

You will also receive payment directly to your own ‘payment processor’ (probably Paypal) rather than the delivery company who take their cut before they send you your payment for the food you’ve provided.

This will enable you to reduce the cost of your current delivery service considerably but you will have to provide your own delivery person (if you don’t already). We are not saying that this should replace your ‘Just-Eat’ or ‘Deliveroo’ service but it must compliment it and give you the opportunity to direct your customers to a direct online ordering system that you control rather than them.

If your free listing has a link to you delivery service’s menu page (many do) then we will change this to point to your own menu page showing your customers quite clearly the difference between your charges compared to delivery company charges.

Our fees for this service are normally £99 set-up and an ongoing £30 per month for website hosting fees, support and maintenance (including changes to some of your menu settings). The SMS option requires a 0.50p per transaction fee to cover the cost of the text messages between your business and your customers. As a Featured Listing owner we will halve the set-up fee and reduce the ongoing monthly cost by the cost of your featured listing. So you get the full system for £50 up front and just £25 / month ongoing. (Sorry but cannot prevent the SMS charges if you decide to go that way).

For more details just give us a call – 0151 284 8438 (leave a message on our 24hr voicemail).

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